Perimeter Pest Program:
Full program consists of 4 timed insecticide applications throughout the summer for complete protection. Our Techs will educate you in what to look for and how to help with the treatments for superior results. We create a barrier outside your home to deter pests from returning or entering your home. * This program does not control termites or bedbugs.

Pest Control

Special Offer!

Sign up for either the Perimeter Pest Program, and or Mosquito Program, and get one application FREE!

Must be new customer for either service, and must sign up for full program,  cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Call for full details.

Keep the creepy crawleys outside where they belong!

We will visit you home 4 times per season and apply a pesticide barrier to the outside of your home, to keep those bugs out! We are trained to locate common bug entry points and provide a solution to prevent bugs from entering your home. Our Perimeter Pest Program deters ants, earwigs, spiders, centipedes, fleas, and ticks to name a few.

Mosquitoe Contol Program:
Lets face it, in Michigan our summers are short enough, and who wants to share it with mosquitoes! Our program consists of 4 visits (or more if requested), to target Mosquitoes breeding areas, and create an invisible barrier around your home to keep them out.
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